Winter Jobs

Winter Jobs

Winter Jobs

Maintenance, Repair and Site Assessment

While our resident owls and raptors were taking time out over the winter months before they begin the next cycle of nest building and family life, our volunteers were not so lucky. During this time they spent time checking boxes to see which ones were in need of repair or replacement and which were sound enough to be safely used again this year. Volunteers also undertook new site assessments too. These site assessments vary immensely. Some involve small rural gardens, some out-buildings and barns; others involve larger areas of farmland or local estates where the landowners are keen to get involved in conservation. Whatever the size, these visits are usually very positive and often lead to an increased work load for our winter box builders, Bill, Simon & Norman.
The new boxes are built either at our workshop in Aylesbury, or at home in their own workshops and garages, and once finished are used to replace any old and damaged boxes or are installed at new sites throughout the county.
As a result of site assessments carried out this winter by volunteers we now have 72 new, or replaced boxes, to add to our monitoring lists this year. Although most of these boxes fall within the county of Bucks a few, like those at Chelmscote and Wiggington, are just outside the county boundaries in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.
Despite the current weather conditions winter is almost over and all BORG’S volunteers, together with the owls (particularly Tawny Owls) and raptors, will be continuing with preparations for the forthcoming breeding season. The birds will be confirming their occupation of new and old nest sites and the volunteers will be preparing to undertake the first monitoring visits of the year, starting with Tawny boxes.
If you see us when we are out and about do come and say hello.


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