There Are Many Ways You Can Help

BORG work to promote and assist owl and raptor conservation throughout Buckinghamshire.
We could not continue without the generous support of the public and businesses.

Become a Friend

Over the past few decades wild Barn Owls, together with other native owl and raptor species, have become increasingly rare, but with your help we can work to stop this decline. By becoming a Friend of BORG you will be helping us to continue providing the practical conservation measures, education and research required to ensure that these charismatic birds thrive in the wild.

Friendship costs:
Per Annum, one-off or annually - £30
Monthly - £2.50

When you become a Friend you will receive:
• Regular Updates/Blog/Newsletter
• Car Sticker
• “Friends” details will be entered into a regular draw – the prize, the chance to have BORG volunteers visit your school, or group, of choice to give a talk to your classmates or colleagues.

To become a friend click one of the buttons below, alternatively CLICK HERE to contact us for other payment methods.

Sponsor a Box

Many traditional owl and raptor nest sites have been lost due to loss of habitat, but you can help us provide additional or alternative nest sites throughout Buckinghamshire. Whether you are a landowner with old barns, trees and woodland, a business in the centre of town or an individual living in a block of flats, you can help by sponsoring a nest box.

There are a variety of boxes to choose from, and locations throughout Buckinghamshire, so we’re sure there will be something appropriate for you. Don't leave our feathered friends out in the rain.

Photograph Tanja Brandt

Donate Money

BORG volunteers work throughout Buckinghamshire promoting the conservation of barn owls and other raptor species, but we have no permanent funding and rely on donations from the public and local businesses – every penny donated helps us to continue our work.

You can help us by making a donation. This can be a one-off payment or regularly (monthly / annual) as a "Friend of BORG" if you wish.


We are a small group of volunteers, with no permanent funding, so every penny that is donated to BORG is of great importance and helps us to continue our work. However, even if you don’t have any spare cash, you can help us in other ways - take a look at the list below for some ideas:

• Donate Your Time - Become a volunteer, take a look at our volunteer page for more information.
• Donate an item we need – checkout the list of things we need... HERE
• Donate prizes for our raffles and owl-themed tombola stalls.
• Raise funds for us – for example you could hold a quiz night or a cake sale, or sell your unwanted items and donate the profits

Become a Volunteer

BORG is run by volunteers who devote spare time to managing owl and raptor conservation, and we are often looking for new volunteers to join us. There are many ways you can help, such as nest box building, box monitoring and liaison with landowners, publicity & fundraising and much much more – whatever your skills there’s sure to be a way you can put them to use and help our cause.

If you are interested in volunteering and we have piqued your interest, click the button below for more details.
There are many ways you can help, but please remember that some events/activities may require you to take out appropriate insurance or obtain a special licence, so please ensure you check with your local authority where necessary.

If you are planning to organise a fundraising event please contact us with details so that we can provide you with posters and other materials – these will enable you to reassure the public that your event is genuinely raising funds for BORG.