Events & Educational Talks

As part of our conservation initiative we offer informative and entertaining talks to schools, youth groups and adult groups, as well as attendance at community events. We are based in Aylesbury, but can arrange visits anywhere within Buckinghamshire.
Our volunteers can come to your event, with our display stands, a selection of nest boxes, pellets and other paraphernalia. They will then be on hand throughout your event to explain what we do and to discuss with your visitors how they can get involved.

We can tailor our attendance to suit the type of event, whether that is an all-day appearance at the County Show, several hours at a Village Fête or indeed any other event. Costs are calculated taking into account travel and time spent at your event.

Talks for Schools, Youth Groups & Adult Groups

Our talks aim to provide a basic description of the owls and raptors we work with, giving particular emphasis to barn owls. We will discuss the habitat, status and conservation of each species, how pellet dissection helps us to monitor their health and the role BORG plays in their welfare. We will also explain what the public and landowners can do to help conserve these beautiful birds. We can adapt the session to suit almost any age group.

Pellet Dissection

We are in the early stages of developing pellet dissection workshops.

It is hoped that we will be able to offer short sessions during which you will be given tuition on how to dissect and analyse a pellet. This will give you an insight into the food being eaten by the “owner” of the pellet in question. During the session we will use a variety of pellets including those from some or all of barn owls, tawny owls, little owls and kestrels.

Following each session we would provide you with a photograph of your “work” and a list of the contents found in each pellet dissected and when possible a mounted display of the pellet contents.

Availability and content of such sessions will, of course, depend on the availability of pellets.

To Book an Event or Talk

If you would like our volunteers to give a presentation to your group, attend your forthcoming event, or are interested in finding out more about the pellet dissection workshops, please click HERE to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to discuss times, dates and the costs involved. Thank you!