Winter Jobs

Maintenance, Repair and Site Assessment (Winter Jobs)

While our resident owls and raptors were taking time out over the winter months before they begin the next cycle of nest building and family life, our volunteers were not so lucky. During this time they spent time checking boxes to see which ones were in need of repair or replacement and which were sound enough to be safely used again this year. Volunteers also... click here to read the full story

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RINGING figures to 4th August 2017.

Hello everyone, Ringing 2017 just to let you know how the group has done in the field RINGING up to 4th August. (Click the photo to see video)


The numbers above show that overall its been a good season for Tawny Owls, poor for Kestrels and very poor for Little Owls.

Barn Owl numbers are 24 below less than last year but their season is still active.

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Tweets & Hoots

We are now live on TWITTER and look forward to your response to TWEETS or perhaps in our case HOOTS. Check out the latest Tweet/Hoot in the footer of our website, there is also a link to our Twitter page where you can click to follow us and get all the latest Tweets/Hoots

Find us on twitter at @Borg_Owl_Raptor

Here you’ll find snippets of our work, photos, stats and facts as well as opportunities to meet us at various events. We look forward to hearing from you all.

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BORG launch new website

A big HELLO to everyone...

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new, updated web site, We’ve added a host of new pages and features, which includes a blog page where we can tell the latest stories from the day-to-day events of BORG volunteers as they happen. There will be more features coming to the web site in the future, so please remember to take a look every so often – you never know what you’ll find.

As a supporter of BORG you too can get involved; if you have an interesting owl-related story or photograph, just email it to BORG and perhaps we will publish it in our blog. We really appreciate your feedback, so please feel free to leave a comment on our blog, or give us your views and suggestions (not rude!) and if you want to know more about our work don't hesitate to drop us an email.

Whatever your involvement, we look forward to your continuing support and feedback.

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The latest NEWS is BORG are the NEWS…

AYLESBURY TOWN MATTERS have published the following editorial, written by Karen Thomas it clearly explains the BORG mission… BORG evolved in 2012 from the Aylesbury Vale Barn Owl Project. The group is completely independent and run entirely by volunteers who work throughout Buckinghamshire to protect and encourage box-dwelling birds of prey specifically Barn Owls, Tawny Owls, Little Owls and Kestrels.

Barn Owls have been in decline in recent years as their natural habitats and nest sites disappear, in order to help alleviate these issues the main focus of our work involves erecting, maintaining and monitoring nest boxes at suitable sites throughout Aylesbury and the surrounding villages. All our monitoring results are sent to the British Trust for Ornithology to be included in the national database.

With the help of George, a captive-bred Barn Owl, volunteers are available to offer informative and entertaining talks to schools, youth groups and adult groups, as well as attendance at community events. We can also support and provide guidance to help landowners understand how to manage and maintain habitats which encourage occupation by owls and raptors.

Part of the group’s ongoing commitment to the raptors of Buckinghamshire involves working closely with Bucks County Council and other project partners to maintain the nest platform for the towns peregrines and to monitor and record them.

As a voluntary organisation we rely heavily on sponsorship and donations. Through education, ringing, monitoring and by offering advice to land owners and the general public, BORG’s band of enthusiastic licensed volunteers will continue to work towards a better future for owls and other raptors in Buckinghamshire. If you would like to get involved or support our work, please contact us via our website for more information. Aylesbury Town Matters

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Announcing a new web page… George

Announcing a new web page... BORG has a new volunteer, George the barn owl, who has his very own page with details from Simon his owner telling the story so far. This new page includes a short video, photos and legal stuff.  George has also been added to the ABOUT page as a volunteer, listed as events - star attraction. If you click the "Comment" button below it will take you to a short slideshow of George photos taken earlier this week. Please give us your thoughts...

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Lets Blog… Our First Post

A big HELLO to everyone... I'm pleased to announce the launch of our "BLOG" page with this our first post telling everyone we now have a blog page where we can tell the latest stories from the day to day events of BORG volunteers as they happen. "Friends of BORG" can also get involved, we would love to publish any interesting stories you have. Just email your story along with a photo to: BORG and we will publish owl related tails we enjoyed reading. In addition to any day to day news deemed of interest the blog will also inform everyone of upcoming events, promotional offers and requests we may have for your help. We look forward to reading your comments so please feel free to give your views and suggestions (not rude) If you want to know more don't hesitate to drop us an email. I look forward to your thoughts... Des

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