Keeping Friends of BORG informed


This is the time of the year we look forward to because not only is monitoring in full swing, we also get the chance to meet many of you at the counties summer shows. In recent years we’ve had the pleasure of your company at the Bucks County Show as well as Winslow Show.
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A Tough Little Bird

During our monitoring work last week we found a barn owl in a recently re-located box. Nothing unusual in that, except on approaching the owl, it was completely still, in fact we thought it was dead. As we got a little closer to the owl inside the box it moved but didn’t look quite right.
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Newsletter August 2018

Little Owls are really suffering in Bucks and across the country. Last winter saw us installing several new Little Owl boxes in the hope that they would encourage the owls to nest this year. Our aim is to further increase the number of boxes this year, so fingers crossed for 2019.

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