Sponsor a Box

Sponsor a Box

Many traditional nest sites have been lost due to loss of habitat, but you can help us to conserve owls and raptors by providing additional or alternative nest sites throughout Buckinghamshire.


Are you a landowner with old barns or outbuildings, or do you have large, isolated trees or woodland on your land? If so, you can sponsor one or more boxes, which would then be erected at suitable sites on your property, after which they will be maintained and monitored by our team of volunteers for a minimum of five years.

Following your initial contact, and before we erect any boxes on your property, we will arrange a visit from your local BORG representative, who will assess the buildings and land, advise on the type of box your property can support and can provide guidance on how to provide good owl & raptor habitat.


If you don’t own a suitable site for a box, but are interested in providing additional nest sites for the owls and raptors throughout Buckinghamshire you can still help by sponsoring a box in your local area.

BORG often knows of areas within Buckinghamshire that provide ideal locations for nest boxes, but without sufficient funding is unable to provide the appropriate boxes - this is where you can help!

You can sponsor one or more boxes and, although the exact location of the box will be confidential, you will receive regular updates on the status of the box and any future occupants.

What Happens Next

Following receipt of your payment we will make and erect your box at a suitable site, either on your own land or a site of our choosing. The box will be monitored by our volunteers for a minimum period of five years, as per the guidelines set out by the BTO and Natural England.

As the sponsor you will receive updates and photos of your box and, where possible, any birds that take up residence. In some circumstances, and with the appropriate landowner’s permission, you may be given the opportunity to accompany our volunteers when they are checking the box.

Each year, for a period of five years, we will review the status of your box and whether at the end of this period you wish to renew your sponsorship.

Boxes & Costs

Our volunteers currently make all the boxes at our workshop in Aylesbury. Each box is tailor-made and designed to meet the specific needs of the species for which it is intended.

BORG boxes are made from Stokbord (a recycled product). Manufactured in the UK from 100% agricultural plastic waste collected from UK farms. Made In Liverpool Stokbord is used widely in farming, replacing wood, galvanise and asbestos. We believe boxes made from Stokbord will provide owls with nesting sites for decades.

Barn Owl - £125
Tawny Owl - £75
Little Owl - £75
Kestrel - £75

Other box styles may be available, so please contact us for more information.

The Next Step

If you are a landowner and you would like to arrange a visit by our volunteers, or you are an individual or group interested in sponsoring a box, please click HERE to get in touch, we will be happy to discuss the options with you and make the necessary arrangements. Thank you!