Donate Without Money

As a very small, volunteer-run, organisation every penny donated is essential to our work.
You can help us make a difference even without spare cash.

The Shopping List

If you have any of the items on the following list which you would like to donate, please contact us, we would be delighted to hear from you.
• Wood for making outdoor nestboxes – sheets of 9 or 12mm tanalised (pressure-treated) softwood ply or marine ply.
• Lengths of 25 x 50mm (1 x 2 inch) tanalised batten.
• Roofing felt.
• Screws – various sizes.
• Drill-screwdriver bits.
• Varnish for boxes.
• Sawdust – non-treated wood
• Nitrile (synthetic rubber) gloves.
• Anti-bacterial hand-wash.
• A4 paper.
• A4, A5 or DL envelopes.
Donations of items on this list will help our work and/or save us money. However, if you are uncertain as to exactly what is required, or you have anything else you believe we could use, please contact us to check before sending it. CLICK HERE to get in touch

Thank you for helping