The spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is having a major impact on our lives and this will undoubtedly increase over the coming months. Although BORG is a small organisation we are taking this threat extremely seriously, with utmost concern for the health and wellbeing of our volunteers and those with whom they come into contact as part of our work.
Given the imminent, government imposed, 12 week isolation period for the over 70s and those with underlying health issues, together with the 14 day isolation period for anyone in the group who have themselves, or have family living with them that are showing signs of Covid 19 we have had to think how best to protect them and anyone they might come into contact with and what this would mean for the work we do.
BORG work slightly differently to many other volunteer organisations in that we don’t have large groups of people out at any one time. There is no current government restriction on us continuing to work, although this is very likely to change within the next two weeks.
The science behind self-isolating seems to be clear and strong and, as a responsible group, we need to consider the risks we could be imposing on our families and those that we visit if we continue with our monitoring work. This work although important is not essential and the birds will survive without our detailed investigations; therefore, unless instructed by the government beforehand, our volunteers will cease all site visits and monitoring from 21st March 2020 until further notice.
The situation is developing rapidly and it is vital that we all continue to follow the most up to date Government guidance. We cannot therefore give you a definitive date on which our work will restart, but be assured we will do our best to keep you informed whatever the outcome.
These are difficult times for all of us; take care of yourselves and those around you.
The BORG Team